Rules or Discrimination? 

The county denied our application for a campground, they say it's because the land is subdivided and doesn't have a permanent residence on the 131 acre parcel. But we all know the real reason, the neighbors ALL complained about what we would be doing up here, which, is not visible from any vantage point, unless they trespass or they are flying around taking pictures (like they tried to show at council). The only thing was, we weren't doing anything but holding a private party. They tried using my lifestyle as reason and comparing it to criminal activity. They don't want my gay ass friends in their community. I heard one say I needed to get my head straight. So no Campground, but If a group wished to rent my land for a party or private event, they have to get ahold of Tina Colberg at Red Deer County - Event Planning to see if they need a permit. Of course, now that they fully understand that it's aimed for LGBTQ2S, poly, swinger, kink (I hate grouping them because each is entirely different with crossover), then everyone has their objections. I have recently been advertising for a Campground to see if it's feasible. So far, with costs, land use permits being denied, (because of our activities and adult life choices) we are not quite sure if we want to go this route alone. We have had some support, but because we are not intending it to be a public Campground, we've only been advertising to my friends and aquaintences on Facebook, so we have not had the direct support we need to get this application pushed through. I was told by the county that land use relaxations are given all the time, that if we paid for the application fees...and nobody complained. Well, they complained and Mayor Wood would like us to believe the decision to deny is because of the 2 rules noted below. The rules that can be relaxed and have been relaxed for many others. I don't believe it for one minute. The neighbors don't want noise, more dust, criminal activity... Or especially people who are LGBTQ2S, POLY, SWINGERS, OR oh no... KINKY! SORRY NEIGHBORS BUT I'M ALL THOSE AND I'M HERE...and been here since 1973. I've been here having parties for 11 years just not making money doing it, but now that I need another income... Now it's a problem. I am naive at times, but I seriously thought my childhood neighbors wouldn't mind a few campers on a hill across a lake. What and who we allow, is our business, not theirs. Until my application, nobody cared. So if you would like to help out by appealing to Red Deer County to allow the relaxation and let them know that it would be to your benefit, we would greatly appreciate your support. DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION DECISIONS - APPEAL PROVISIONS STOP ORDERS ISSUED - APPEAL PROVISIONS How to Appeal Subject to Part 17, Division 10, of the Municipal Government Act, Revised Statutes of Alberta 2000, Chapter M-26 (MGA), an appeal must be made in writing to the Red Deer County Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. Address of Appeal Authority Subdivision & Development Appeal Board Red Deer County 38106 Rge Rd. 275 Red Deer County, AB T4S 2L9 What May be Appealed Regarding a development application decision of the Development Authority, being either the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) or a Development Officer of Red Deer County, it is possible to appeal: (a) the decision of the Development Authority; or (b) a condition placed on decision of approval. Regarding a stop order issued by the Development Authority pursuant to Section 645 of the Municipal Government Act, it is possible to appeal said stop order. Who May File An Appeal (a) the person applying for the permit; (b) the person affected by the order issued pursuant to Section 645; (c) any person affected by an order, decision or development permit made or issued by the development authority. No appeal is available in respect of a development permit issued for a Permitted Use unless the provisions of the Land Use Bylaw were relaxed, varied or misinterpreted. Fees -- Subdivision and Development Appeal Board - $400 In the event an appeal is successful, appeal fees will be refunded to the appellant. Time Limit For Appeal An appeal may be commenced by filing a Notice of Appeal (a) for a development permit application decision, within 21 days of the date on which the person is notified (either by direct correspondence or by advertisement in the local paper) of the decision or the issuance of the development permit; (b) for a stop order issued, within 21 days of the date on which the person is notified of the order. So far, this does not effect renting the land for your special events. We just need to contact Tina Colberg at Red Deer County for event permits for larger events and her okay for smaller ones. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Raven

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