Bears campout success

Last weekend marked the first Bears campout, not just Bears but the fabulous Fellowship of Alberta Bears.

After the denial of our campground permits, I am sure the neighbors figured that would be the end of anyone coming to the property, however, we are still permitted to hold events as long as the county public events coordinator Tina Colberg is notified and an inquiry on if you require a permit for your specific event. She is very accommodating and helpful.

The neighbors made complaints of dust and noise, but the Peace Officers were in Spruce View all weekend and checked in immediately with every call, only to find no disturbances AT ALL. Peace Officers were very kind and respectful of our guest and never crossed the property line. I was very impressed.

I was also very impressed with the Bears themselves. A great group of very respectful, burley boys who seemed to enjoy our piece of land and all the work we've spent the last few months preparing. We've put a lot of time and effort into getting ready with the little scraps of cash we had and we are very happy that they enjoyed themselves.

I hope we see them back again next year!


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