We are a Closed-Polyamorous Leather/LGBTQ Family of 420 Friendly, Sex Positive, Alternative Lifestyle Facilitators with over 20 years experience in our Adult Alternative Lifestyle Communities. We started celebrating together once a year at Raven Retreat, but as time passes we felt the need to grow, change, blossom.. and of course take flight.


In keeping with the tradition of Raven Retreat, we invite you to join us at Ravencrest Manor Estates every day of the Summer Camping Season to enjoy Kinky Camping, Outdoor Dungeon, Campfire Shenanigans, Adult Themed Games, D/s Auctions, Classes and Seminars.   Please be aware that we cater to many walks of life who may or may not share the same lifestyle as yourself.  If you are easily offended by the actions of others, please speak to the staff and we will either explain why its okay or if it isn't okay, it will be dealt with quickly.

Lady Akasha Ravencrest is our Matriarch and Master 1st Class.  She is a Certified Reiki Master, Ordained Minister and Founder of the Faith of the Universal Consciousness and Knowledge (F.U.C.K.) and teaches an open-communication based philosophy that has changed her life experiences and has blessed her life with some amazing family, friends and interesting foes.  She also offers meditation circle, healing, spiritual guidance and teaches personal growth. 

Text 587-731-1420 to book your membership interview on site.


   130 acres of tranquil forest paradise, perfect for escaping the fast paced city/family life. Bring your friends and partners for a summer escape full of amazing activities. Our open minded, respectful and discreet staff are always available to answer your questions and accommodate your needs.


The campground is available for your private adult-only camping during the summer months. We are open to just about anyone as long as you respect the land, clean up after yourselves and no open fires other than in the pit provided.  Keep your mind and hearts open to the ideas and comments. We are all here to try to make positive connections, enjoy our time on this planet and leave it better than when we arrived. Respect, Integrity, Honesty and Good Humor. 


Private BBQ Area
Fire Pit
Eco Outhouse
Hot Shower

"I went camping for a week, the first couple of days were spend with the people I came with and we bonded, and then the fun began, new people arrived every day and I got to sit down and have conversations them. As the weekend continued I realize that emotionally and spiritually I was able to grow and I thought to myself today I want to get a butterfly tattoo ....because this weekend I was able to spread my wings and grow. Every time I go to Ravencrest Manor, I am able to experience more, learn more about myself,--I found new limits, and I found some new things I was good at. I had the wildest conversations and I was able to remove the mask that so many of us wear, and be myself...laugh to loud, stay up to late, jump in a lake searching for bubbles, and express my feelings without worry of disappointment . I removed the mask and everyone excepted me for who I was. That is why I love Ravencrest Manor."

“As we drive home, a tear comes to my eye as I think awe its already over. As always the Ravencrest Manor was and always is uber amazing. Met new people, learned, and had an awesome good time. All the hard work that went into this event makes this better and better every year. I would like to look back at all memories we made.”

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TEL: (1)587-731-1420  

E-MAIL: Info@rcme-adult-camp.party

Please contact for land location

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Our specific location is closed to the public, you must arrange a private viewing .  NO DROP-INS

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